Friday, 8 November 2013

Children's craft for Remembrance Sunday

For the last few months I have been helping out with Sunday School at our Church. It happened in one of those random chain of events. Sunday School wasn't open one Sunday and I was a little aghast- I would have to try to keep Squeaks entertained through the whole of service. At the end of service it was announced this was due to there not being enough support.
I decided to offer my services, perhaps selfishly on two grounds- firstly that it would mean by me helping out Squeaks would be able to learn in a environment which works for her, secondly, many years ago I gave up on becoming a teacher and this would perhaps prove whether it had been the right choice.

I have been tested in those months, we are given sessions to lead and sessions to support. We use Sermons4Kids (proving there's a website for everything!) and every now and then I rely on Pinterest and YouTube for good measure.

Last week was a more testing session for me. We had agreed to follow the Sermon for the younger children (the children are split into 3-6 yr olds, and older children- my confidence suggests my ability is pitched at the 3-6 yr olds), whilst the older group would create a wreath for Remembrance Sunday.

This put me in a bit of a quandry. Hand on heart I have not discussed death with Squeaks. And honestly, it is a discussion I will have with her, as her parent, at the right time. And I am sure most parents would have a similar view. So having an hour session on Remembrance Sunday would test me, and I agreed with the choice to go with the Sermon- albeit is was about Zacchaeus, the tax collector. So yep, explaining what a tax collector is was great fun!
Whilst we covered the Sermon and managed to do a game and an accompanying craft I also decided I would try to do something for Remembrance Sunday. Whilst Squeaks does not understand the detail she has enjoying bringing each of her family "a poppy to wear with pride" after each shopping trip with Mr J.

And so, I used Pinterest to find some motivation, looking for something which would need to be fitted into the end of a session.
And this is where I arrived:
 In essence it was pretty basic and as such it meant everyone could get involved with constructing:
And, as always, they did me proud, sitting to assemble poppies as a team, with Squeaks and her bestest 'person to look up to' helping with the assembly, on what would be the younger children's contribution to the wreath.

I think I am most proud that the younger children will be represented this Sunday. That they understand what heroes are, that they look up to people in their lives, and feel the sense of occasion which comes from appreciating people who can offer so much.

And so this is it, I loved the older children's contribution using felt and buttons, and I have a fondness of our input, that this is a Church contribution- across the ages.

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