Saturday, 9 November 2013

Enjoying Bento Lunch boxes with Ella's Kitchen #Review

With Squeaks starting school we decided to opt of packed lunches so we knew what Squeaks was eating and could ensure as much as possible a balanced diet.

It did not go down well, whilst Squeaks has been having three packed lunches a week as part of her wraparound between playschool and preschool, five days a week after the summer break seemed a step too far.

I have been completely inspired by Capture by Lucy's Bento Babies and have found that it is much easier to think about a balanced diet when using portion control. Since using an enticing portion approach to packed lunches a packet of crisps is spread over the week, and I know this is being accompanied by fruit, yoghurt as well as a biscuit.
We've steered completely away from chocolate, which I was curious about, because I recall my packed lunches always having a club, penguin or twix so didn't know whether eliminating chocolate was realistic.
We have compromised. Every Friday Squeaks has 'cinio' as opposed to 'brechdanau' (I am so having to keep up with Squeaks' Welsh language education). This is a great motivator as Friday is also PE day. And this way it means we finish the week on a high rather than the downward spiral to the weekend.

As a result of packed lunches our kitchen drawer has been overhauled through a mix of Ebay and Mummy's Marvellous Munches. Whilst ordering from Ebay will get you some great items from Japan I loved the service I recieved from Mummy's Marvellous Munches- and in the recent sale managed to get some bargains much cheaper than Ebay, as well as fab Lego lunchboxes for the boys in advance of them needing packed lunches for wraparound.
Getting motivation for school lunches has been challenging, as I've tended to go with Squeak's preferences rather than trying new things.
Receiving some goodies from Ella's Kitchen meant I was inspired to look at other ways of preparing a packed lunch. Focused on colour, or similar takes. At the same time I could use my little purchases to help Squeaks with her letters as her lunches had animals and words to wow her.
And we really have been able to make differences with Squeaks' eating habits.
I was surprised that Squeaks loved the smoothies.
I know I shouldn't be surprised but more recently Squeaks has made a point of wanting 'big girl food' as opposed to what her brothers would have.
Given her brothers are manic about smoothies I thought we would have a problem.
Obviously it's just the opposite, mummy became the worst mummy ever on the day we had exhausted our supply of pouches.
And because each pouch contains just over one of Squeak's five a day keeping them as part of her packed lunch means I have another route to make sure she is getting her requirement.
The pouches have added a bit of inspiration to lunchtimes, but more importantly that have motivated Squeaks to be excited by her lunch box and I am pleased that lunch boxes are coming home with the contents fully consumed. We are trying new things which are incorporated in without issue.

I've really enjoyed having extra motivation for packed lunches, and fortunately the recipient feels the same!

Disclosure: We received Ella's Kitchen Smoothie Fruits for the purposes of this review. All opinions and views expressed are our own.


  1. They look so good, I love the look of them and always want to try one myself. Bento boxes have become so big haven't they? We had a girlie spa day a few weeks back and the lunches there for adults were bento boxes!

  2. The benefits of bento lunchboxes are various to simply tossing a sandwich in a dark colored pack.insulated lunch box


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