Friday, 29 November 2013

Life without VHS

On Monday we were meant to be going on our holiday.
The car needed work, emergency work.
You know, taking it in for an MOT, and it needing a new exhaust.
The usual when you need the car to go on holiday.
So we had to wait for it to it be a done.

Mr J took the boys out and me and S were left to get everything piled up to load into the returning car.
Job done, S and I sat down with "mummy's big phone" (my tablet).
We started playing around on You Tube and for what ever reason I decided to put "Akuna Matata" on.
Gutted doesn't begin to cover it.
S knew all the characters.
She knew the way the story in the song unfolded.
As we played other clips she began telling me about them.
"Where did you see this?" I asked. "At school" she replied. I didn't believe her. Judging by her homework and everything she's learning they surely couldn't be cramming Disney in as well? As she started talking about Ariel I knew it to be true.
"When did you watch it?" I pleaded.  "On rainy days" came the reply.
I didn't think my daughter was ready for Disney.  Ready to keep still for an entire film.
And I am heartbroken I underestimated her.
And the school didn't.
And as I relayed the story to Mr J I knew he got it.
His knowing nod acknowledged he knew it was going to be expensive.

And then on holiday.
One night I was channel hopping and ended up watching an old Meg Ryan film, "When a Man Loves a Woman".
She's an alcoholic.  I couldn't watch it all.
Firstly, the memories of youth it brought back.
And now.
As a parent.
It more than broke my heart.
For all the problems I think I have.
For all my weaknesses as a parent.
For all the troubles in my relationship with Mr J.
Well we do have it easy. It's nothing that patience, though fullness and understanding can't put right.
I forget and through everything we have had each other.
And no matter how poor the children's behaviour might get, they've got us as parents to be accountable and see them through it to good behaviour.

And then to memories.
From the video shop.
The ultimate reward on the weekend.
Money and the video card.
To walk with friends to the shops.
To buy sweets and hire a video.

And even that makes me wonder.
With everything now being so accessible what will my daughter and sons perceive to be treats for good behaviour as they grow and become wise for to world?

And yes, for now I  will remain in the now and think about the order of which my children will be introduced to the best Disney films!

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