Monday, 18 November 2013

Making bathtime even more fun- Story time with Matey #review

I remember Matey's from my childhood, so was over the moon when my mum started reviisting the Christmas tradition of gifting my children with a bottle of bubblebath, in the unmistakable Matey style.

Bathtime is my last chance saloon, to rid the children of the last of their energies before bed, to have fun, laughter and splashing.
Bubbles play a massive part. Daddy is the master bubble creator, I cannot compete no matter how much bubble bath I use.

As babies bathtime was the thing I struggled with most. With my first born I was nervous of keeping her safe, after the boys I struggled with keeping all three either happy or warm- and so the importance of routine began.

And so like so many parents bathtime has become part of our routine. And fortunately it is the fun part. I am lucky enough to have three water babies.

We have lots of bath toys, some go in and out of favour, some come and immediately go, and others are passing fads. The children have always had two books- both about crocodiles, both arrived when Squeaks was six months old. So I was happy to bring something new to our routine.
 'Matey Bubble Fun' brought all our loves together- reading stories, making bubbles, storytime and pirates!
And we had great fun using bubbles as part of our story.
Making bathtime fun is so important.
At a time when stress levels are highest as tiredness is kicking in, as one of the last part of routines before relaxation can play a part for everyone.
Bathtime is important is improving confidence in the water, and for instilling the value of routine.
Our new book has played its role in making bathtime fun.

Disclosure: We received a copy of 'Matey Bubble Fun' for the purposes of this review. All opinions contained are our own.


  1. Im sure Matey was around when I was little too! I love the title master bubble creator, that is a proper talent to have :)

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