Wednesday, 6 November 2013

My adorable boys at 34 months

I was going to type 22 months, and then I remembered, yep, they're definitely turning 3 in January.
Jeeesh- how did that happen?
My two boys, who will always be so much younger than Squeaks was at their age.
Who are forever my babies.
Over half term I have sat back and watched them, I have played with them, and I have enjoyed their company.
Of course I complain to people about them.
They are the kings of chaos, the best sulkers I have ever met, the sumo wrestling champions.
But it's dawned on me.
I can't imagine how life would be if one of Squeaks' best friends was always here. An afternoon is enough.
There would be play time, breaking up and making up, on repeat.
And that is what life is like with twins, but extended to 24-7.
And the boys are amazingly strong characters for it.
They are patient.
They are understanding.
They break up with shouting and fighting.
And they make up with sorry's, kisses, and hugs.
I took the boys to the theatre three times during half term, and each time they showed better behaviour than their older sister. It's not a criticism of Squeaks, but the boys get on with it and know that mummy has two legs and they can share or not (and that it's far more comfortable to have a whole chair than balance on their bottom on mummy's lap).

We've had a few chances to go swimming and the boys are now such confident, happy swimmers. Because they just do. And I am amazed that I can genuinely cope with these two little swimmers as Mr J and Squeaks go off to practice her widths. And they make me laugh as they dive for their toys and I no longer wonder how their nappies get so full as they seem to absorb water.
And now, as their language develops, they love to make people laugh.
Cheeky has taken to coming into the office for chats, attempting to incorporate 'poo' into every sentence- because he laughs when Squeaks does it with him so why wouldn't this make mummy laugh too?

And Tiny, who knows a cuddle and a kiss will get him everything.
And I know, it's not always like this.
As I wonder if I'm going to dislocate Cheeky's arm as I drag him from his sulk.
Cheeky is the absolute king of sulking bar no other. It is absolute distraction which might get him out of it. But now, bottom hits the floor and he's not going anywhere.
Tiny attempts to replicate, but he's too easy to distract, so he just goes for bursts of tears instead.
And of course Cheeky is the most likely to wake from his nap in a bad mood and take ages to bring around.
And both of them have the most ridiculous OCD and need to have things 'just-so'.
I've no idea where they get it from.
But get their duvets the wrong way around.
Or forget to close a door.
Or put their plate just so.
And as for when the three get together.
Fireworks don't cover it.
They are the best of friends and the funniest of battle buddies.
I am amazed that Squeaks is so ingrained, that where the sibling friendship rests the fact that two are twins makes no difference.
Squeaks is always the one dragging one of the boys, or both of them around with her.
And they are equally happy to enjoy my company.
As we cwtch in watching Toy Story, or play monsters with a blanket and shrieks and roars, till voices are hoarse and laughter rings.

Two two-year olds make life manic.
Two two-year olds make life fantastic.

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