Sunday, 10 November 2013

Our week that was - November 2013

So, as previously mentioned, I started the week recovering from my worst migraine to date.
What better way to recover than leading a Sunday School session! (Perhaps the afternoon involved a nap to recover).

After an early night Monday saw a trip to London, and a fantastic "hee" from Squeaks as I kissed her goodbye.

Tuesday saw me revert to the throes of work, and the decision to submit a request to work more flexibly. My mum popped round with a cake she made at her decorating class and the boys were suitably impressed.

Wednesday saw more work, and the boys continuing to amaze me with how well they can play together alongside Squeaks getting her first injury at school.

Thursday saw an early trip to London to firstly attempt to resuscitate the success of project 1, and then to try to convince everyone for optimism as we proceed with project 2. It also involved Mr J texting me a photo of my early Christmas present- control your jealousy!
Friday saw a return to Elephant & Castle, to prove that the overarching project is flexible enough to maintain success.
Friday evening saw me offering jobs, fortunately 2 of 3 were still about to answer their phone. There is nothing better than to start the weekend knowing that 2 people (if not three!) are joining the team, and things are really starting to come together.
Saturday was a great day. I managed to get up in a timely fashion which meant we arrived at Sherman Sherbets on time! I used the time to do lots of planning and felt calmer for doing so.

After heading to Hobbycraft to put the plans into action, we returned to the Sherman to see 'Corina Pavlova and the Lion's Roar', albeit I may have left my phone in the car so am lacking photos (that's what trying to bundle three children off to the theatre does for you!).

And yes, it was fantastic, and yes, everything has worked out ok, and I sense my blood pressure is back to a regular pulse.

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