Sunday, 17 November 2013

Our week that was- November 2013

As November continues I guess the reason for not wanting to take daily photographs continues.
These photographs sum my week:

I tried to inject humour to the start of my week.
Having to explain the film reference more than once confirms my humour was lost.
I would guess with this in mind it probably just scared people. 
This photo sums up my life. This is what happens if you think of leaving my children alone for more than one minute. But on reflection, I did encourage it, my laughter probably made it worse. 
 And then I got to spend some creative time with Squeaks.
On Saturday we held our second Awards event. This year it was a zillion times better than our 'attempt' last year. Whilst we had to persuade people it was a good thing to hold them on a non-working day we had an amazing turn-out. After our Chairman officially resigned last week the team also pulled all the stops out to celebrate his leadership over the past 5 years, it was a great send off. Now I just have to find someone take the baton!
And me, I celebrated by treating myself to magazine and getting hungry on the journey home!
And on the train home my mum phoned to suggest Mr J and I had a takeaway curry. Which turned into her ordering a takeaway for her, dad, Mr J and me, and me picking it up and paying for it- I am in awe of her delegation skills.

So I picked up the takeaway, swopped it for the boys, and on the drive home we made up a song:
"We love grandma and grampy,
We love grandma and grampy,
We love grandma and grampy,
We love playing at their house."

To which after the tenth time, Cheeky broke into his own version:
"Grampy loves watching the rugby,
Grampy loves watching the rugby,
Grampy loves watching the rugby,
And he likes playing rugby too."

And then there was laughter.

And that has been our week.

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  1. Hi Debbie - just found your blog through the Mary and Martha FB Group and have enjoyed reading. The wool is hilarious!! I am from Cardiff too so will look forward to reading more of your blog and communicating on the FB group! :)


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