Monday, 25 November 2013

Our week that was: Week 47

This week was one of those weeks where I didn't come close of a photo a day.

Some of the moments in my mind are so perfect that I don't mind.

Sunday I already don't remember that much of. I took the boys to Church which is always exhausting. They are so excited about going, so I really should spend the time calming them down before we go in!

Monday: I managed to get some time to help out with sorting the costumes for the Nativity. Getting involved has really enthused me, especially as the team that organised last years were completely depleted by it. I'm hoping that learning from their experience, along with naive enthusiasm will make this year a rewarding time.
And then as a massive bonus I finished work on time, which meant we all got to take Squeaks to her swimming lesson and have some family time in the pool.

Tuesday: I have no idea, but at 9pm it was decided I would be going to London the following morning 'til Friday. It is times like this I am so grateful to my family, for understanding me and making our life possible.

Wednesday: After leaving the house at 5am that evening I said to Mr J "It's lucky I'm staying overnight because if I was home there's no way I'd be getting on the train in the morning.". I do hate my job some times. I am a realist. I know I have to do it. I know it's easier to do it when I enjoy it. But some people, some people just defy this ambition. I wonder. I reverse roles. I think about oblivion. I think about whether it's me. I give up. I sleep. And I wake in a better mood.
Thursday: My morning call from Cheeky and Tiny put the world to rights and set me off in a good mood, made even better for having time to myself for a coffee before work. Thursday was the day. The day of 'the' meeting, it went better than everyone expected. But still I was left deflated. I went back to the apartment to do a lot of to-do lists. Planning the following week with nothing more to plan than enjoying family time.
Friday: Knowing it was 'going home' day and the last day before a week off made things a lot easier. Getting delayed on the train and then working till late finishing up wasn't so great. But reciting "It's holiday time" definitely improved things.

Saturday: I woke up with a really bad throat, and the car needed to go in for it's MOT and service. After confirming with Mr J that everyone felt the same, we decided on a lazy day. Given the naps that everyone succumbed to throughout the day it was definitely the right choice. The bad news about how much work is needed on the car was not appreciated.

But still, it is now a week of family.
A week of swimming, riding bikes, and escaping the working life.

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