Saturday, 9 November 2013

Our weeks that were... and a bit of reflection

A few weeks ago I decided to draw a line under Project 365.
I had got to the stage where I was so bogged down with work that not only was I reluctantly taking photos on days where I was doing nothing but spending days in front of an excel spreadsheets and attending contract meetings. Even when I did manage to publish I didn't have time to get involved in the community because work has taken such a priority with all other time invested in the family and the dreaded housework.

As I talked to a complete stranger this week, who has a vested interest in the success of my projects, I commented that we'd look back on this as a short month of our lives.

And as I realised that this was true beyond this one project, I had a sense of regret over dropping 365 completely, because one thing that 22 months of participating allowed was an amazing reflection of my family growing up, whilst we are so busy living.

And so, I'm going to carry on my own path of 'our week that was'.
With no pressure for photos, they will undoubtedly be included but maybe radically there may be many from the same day, or they may even be one per day. Reflecting the chaos that is our lives.

And hopefully, these changes will extend beyond the blog, I have a meeting on Monday to look at my request for flexible working. No doubt an interesting concept when my role relies so much on my flexibility- can this now be reciprocated?

And so by way of reflection, so we haven't missed anything, here's a brief summary of our last few weeks.

Last week is very easy to sum up because we had another project on the go - 'The Adventures of Ben Bear'. Something I had heard tales of from other parents, so with the initial high of Squeaks being chosen as 'star of the week' came the horror of the thought of creating the diary, followed by the stomach clenching realisation that it was half term so a whole week of adventure!
It turned out fine, I forget how much we manage to cram into our lives, and I even managed to fit in time for my worst migraine to date, hence the need for changes in how my family need always to take priority. And so this was it, our adventures with Ben Bear:

Our two weeks previous are already a little more blurred.

My last #365 was for the time up to 12th October, and so we started the Sunday with a poorly Tom. And spent Monday thinking about Aled. Aled had died a year earlier at 22months. It is difficult because the boys were born two months after Aled.. But more so it is difficult knowing that no parent should ever lose a child.
Aled's ribbon has remained at my desk since his funeral, a daily reminder of how precious life is.
And whilst for those few days I tried to make the most of my time with my children, on Thursday the cookie crumbled at work, along with my commitment to Project #365. Friday saw my return home, and Saturday after our morning at Sherman Sherbets, we spent the afternoon in the kitchen making jam and profiteroles.
On the Sunday we managed to get to Barry Island in the afternoon and I was so pleased to have the semblance of family time, we made Opera Cake in the afternoon, before I set off to London again on Monday. The week is a blur, the cookie disintegrating, and yet as the weekend began I reinvested in family and alongside making some Christmas decorations we began our Adventures with Ben Bear.
And now we are here, reflecting on this week...


  1. This sounds a fabulous way to record and remember what has happened throughout the week. Would you mind if I joined you in recording my week that was...?

    1. Definitely! :-) Just a relaxed approach to recording memories.


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