Sunday, 24 November 2013

The work update

It's probably not necessary.
But I look at my blog and I feel I'm neglecting it.
Investing enough time to keep it ticking.
But not investing enough of me.

It hasn't all been work.
I've had fun preparing for our Church Nativity, turning my hand to script writing.
Helping Squeaks with her reading and writing, and being astounded by her progress.
Getting to the swimming pool with all three to see confidences increase.
Making plans for a January birthday party as well as Christmas.


I did my expenses claim last week.
For the first time in ages.
We get £5 for nights away to cover incidentals (phone calls home, toiletries, a newspaper... whatever).
As I haven't had chance to do a claim since July it was interesting to see the escalation. A few peaks. But basically since October things have been a bit mental.

We received news in September that we had won a new project.
And with that comes the work of contract negotiation.
And then for the craic someone decided to drop something into a conversation on my other project which meant a sudden focus and more work.
And then of my proper job, it was our Annual Awards last week (for which I delegated nearly everything [the ultimate stress]), it was at Birmingham NEC and a zillion times better than last year- lesson learned!
And then there's been the resignations, recruitment, financial forecasting, and the usual 'stuff'.

I have finished for a week's holiday.
So of course I worked till 1.30 on Friday/ Saturday.
And I've still got a bit more to do.
I am so excited to have a week with my family.
Of course I woke up on Saturday morning with a sore throat, because yes, the body packs in when it knows it's getting a break.

But in spite of all of this. I am happy.
I have been waiting eagerly for the post.
I am awaiting my new contract.

My new contract which says from January I am a four-day week-er.

I have exercised my right to apply for flexible working.

I am looking forward to having a choice.
To not filling the weekend with housework because I've been working away in the week.
To having an option of 'me' time whilst Squeaks is at school and the boys to mornings at playschool.
To being confident that I can do 'something' every Monday night in the knowledge I will not be working away.
To being able to have time with my two gorgeous boys before they turn four without me blinking.
To being able to pick Squeaks up from school and enjoy a leisurely walk home with her.

And never, ever, having that Monday morning feeling again.

I might be enjoying Winter.
And looking forward to Christmas.
But January, January will bring a new chapter, and I can't wait!

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  1. That sounds really brilliant. I'm sure working only four days will make a huge difference to you - I loved having a week day off when I worked (a long time ago now!) - as long as you don't end up doing five days work in four days!


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