Saturday, 21 December 2013

A berry, merry marzipan Christmas

I saw this being made on tv last weekend and decided I had to make it.
I'm not a big marzipan fan, but there is something which means it just has to be eaten at Christmas.
Fortunately the BBC have put the recipe online so it was just a case of gathering together the ingredients!
 And, they were really, really easy to make (I'd probably use more blueberries next time).
 And they definitely are best eaten as the cool from the oven.
The verdict was an all round thumbs up, Mr J like me isn't a massive fan of marzipan, but he made an exception and kept on eating!

Disclosure: We used the contents of a Renshaw goody box to make the cakes- and they were absolutely scrumptious for it!
More cake ideas can be found on the Renshaw blog.

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