Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Snowglobes (Advent #15)

Yesterday we finally got around to making snow globes.
Seren has had two snow globes gifted to her in her life. Both have ended up smashed on the floor.
So this could be seen as a silly idea, but a) the glass in the other two was ridiculously thin, and b) children seem to look after things better when they've made them.

Making snow gloves started quite fraught for me, finding cake toppers. We ended up in the shop I'm never usually allowed in- Kitchens... where of course, for the very reason I'm not usually allowed in, I walked out with far more than cake toppers.
But, on the plus, I walked out with the cake toppers, and predicting a riot, I opted for more than three. And, we also had jars left over from the jam making, and with glitter and water in the house, the only added element necessary was Glyerine (to thicken the water).
After selecting the chosen feature of the snow globe. I set the children to work filling their jars with glitter whilst I used a glue gun to attach the cake topper to the jar lid.
With the jars containing glitter, I added water and glycerine. The advice to only use a drop is worth paying attention to, a glug results in the glitter becoming to heavy.
 The lid was then attached with the added security from a glue gun.
And voila, a proud moment for the Johnson Babies as they fell in love with their snow globes.

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