Friday, 6 December 2013

Creating a pom-pom wreath for Christmas (Advent #9)

For some reason I had a sudden addiction to making pom-poms.
On our recent holiday I decided every ball of wool had to be turned into pom-poms, and so this was the result of evenings without blogging:
Squeaks has enjoyed playing her role in creating pom-poms (which in her eyes magically doubled in number each night):
Our starting project had been a trial wreath, using a cardboard template to hot glue a variety of pom-poms onto:
Which we loved, but I could appreciate the cardboard wasn't really longstanding.

So, for our next project I was determined to take it seriously.
Squeaks decided all 'reefs' were green with red 'cherries' and knowing my limits, I wasn't going to change her mind.
With a polystryrene wreath ring from ebay, a glue gun and lots of pom-poms we were on our way.
Someone was very excited to get their hands on the glue gun.
And oddly I was the one who ended up getting burnt, despite my over-caution.
And despite us not putting the berries on top of the green (Squeaks' instructions), it transpired we had done a good job.
 And it is the perfect addition to our Christmas.

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