Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Easy button Christmas decorations (Advent #22)

I am absolutely over the moon with our home made decorations this year.
Having eyed up lots of things on Pinterest, I settled on making Christmas trees for the children's teachers and carers as well as something for us.

To make this happen I bought:
300g of green buttons
Star Buttons
Brown Buttons
Black waxed cotton cord
Polystyrene Cones
Plastic head pins 
I still have lots of buttons left over but much preferred to have the choice than not.

And this is what was created:

Lots of fun with the children sorting and threading buttons
For the Christmas tree decorations we sorted the stars, and we sorted four brown buttons for each tree.
We then sorted the green buttons by size.
And threaded the cord up and down the buttons (we sellotaped the cord to make it easier to thread).
I asked Mr J whether he preferred the taller or shorter trees. There is no right answer. The shorter trees seem much neater, but the wobbliness of the taller trees is endearing.
And we now have lots of gifts:
 To make up the hampers we will be offering this Christmas:
I decided I wanted to use the left over buttons, and had a look for something else to make.
With an excess of small button this was the perfect solution.
Our own Christmas tree complete with baubles.
It was so simple to make (albeit it includes the full 200 pins and therefore buttons).
I am over the moon that I am adding to all of the handmade decorations my mum has gifted me over the years.


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