Thursday, 19 December 2013

Enjoying a #GUMI Christmas

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be able to take the boys on their first journey to London.
I was so excited about it, and so nervous at the same time.
The boys haven't had the same experiences as Seren, because they've never been an only child, and because they're twins. It's rubbish, but taking two children of the same age out and about has complexities, although equally you get to enjoy twice the excitement when you find the right thing to do..
Now I'm confident enough taking the boys out and about without a buggy I felt getting to London was more realistic.
And so at 7am when I woke the boys up to be greeted with moans, the magic words "don't you want to come to London with mummy?" turned everything around.

Waiting at the train station the boys spotted a policeman, who fortunately responded well to the boys pointing at him chanting "Police", arriving in London they also benefited from a policeman and a dog with a lot of patience.

So not only did the boys get to go on the big blue train, but also the tunnel train and the big red bus.
When we arrived at Beaufort House the boys were already over-giddy with excitement, and they soon settled into a party atmosphere.

The boys were in London to party! The team at Growing Up Milk Info had put on a fantastic toddler-focused Christmas bash, and with fantastic food (and lattes!) for the grown-ups, everyone was more than happy to watch the children become centre of attention.
Of course, the children had no idea what was in store for them, too interested in the food on offer.

And yet, when the big man himself arrived, a hush fell.
Talks were given, and presents offered.
Gratefully accepted, the boys were overjoyed to meet 'the man' himself.
Dreams of fireman, Penny and Sam were recited.
Promises of good behaviour and early nights proffered.
And all too soon the party came to end, and for the boys the excitement was far from over.
Going home meant the ride on the big red bus and the tunnel train.
And, of course, it meant playing the loudest games on the big blue train home.

Disclosure: Growing Up Milk Info covered my travel expenses for this trip, and I am really grateful to them for the boys first trip to London. I am really ungrateful to everyone on our underground train to Sloane Square from Paddington who could not give up one seat for the boys, and extremely grateful to the lovely people who did on our return journey. And to those (one or two at most) who didn't like the merriment of my boys on Great Western trains- at least they were happy. 
But regardless, Happy Christmas- may your days be merry and bright! Ours definitely are!!

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