Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Father Christmas visits the big children in my life

My parenting fails are many.
It's ok though, my children are the happiest, most wonderful beings that I know.
So, apart from when the dentist told me that the boys teeth, and jaws, were being shaped by their dummies, I don't mind.
It took 'til Seren was 4 for us to take away her dummies. Our previous dentist said it was beginning to affect her teeth.
It took the new dentist to highlight that it is dummies that are distorting the boys mouths.
(And yes, I sort of knew it but didn't want to).

I saw a suggestion that maybe Father Christmas could ask for dummies in return for gifts.
And after seeking some advice this seemed like a good idea.
And I have convinced the boys that for them to get the gift they most want (A fire station), that as this is classed as a 'big boy gift' and 'big boys don't have dodies'.

Tom responded worst. Seb almost seemed to be communicating "I'm just letting him create for both of us", as he smiled at me whilst Tom screamed. And I cwtched him in, trying to reason fire station vs dodies. As Tom chose dodies every time.
Like Seren, cold turkey was best.
And given they missed their nap today, it was a short lived fight.
But there has just been more crying.
Another cwtch.

And as I walk down the stairs I reminisce.
Pyloric Stenosis.
The boys didn't really take to dodies in the same way Seren did.
But it seemed the only way of stopping Tom's projectile vomiting.
And when Tom was diagnosed and went nil by mouth, it was the only way to pacify him.
It's not an excuse. From 10am on a Friday. 48 hours later he was operated on. He was not allowed milk.
He may have received nutrients through a canula but crying every four hours for a feed is not easy to pacify.

And since, both boys have been offered dodies.

Until Christmas Eve.

And so, tomorrow, big boy toys await them!
Christmas for Fireman Sam fans
Merry Christmas to my gorgeous grow-ed up boys xx

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  1. Ohh bless, it is a big step to lose the dummies, I hope it is going well. God bless, Mich x


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