Saturday, 28 December 2013

First day of potty training twin boys

The boys turn 3 in a fortnight. And whilst Seren didn't get the Easter intake at nursery, I'm hoping the boys will.
For the same motivation as potty training Seren... that children must be potty trained to start nursery, we are trying to make progress with the boys.

Of course we tried in the summer holidays, and the half term.
It wasn't to be, no-one really had the motivation, and trips out, family time, took priority.
In term time, with three mornings at playschool and two mornings with my parents it seemed wrong to inflict potty training my children on anyone else.

And so.
I go back to work on January 7th. So this is our time.
We got rid of dummies on Christmas Eve, four nights in and we're doing well.
On Friday the boys moved to their 'big boy bedroom'.
And so Saturday saw the next challenge.
Big Boy Pants.
First attempt (March 2013)
And because we've had so many earlier attempts, the boys were straight into the spirit of things.
As it was, the boys demonstrated whilst they have the same birth date they have completely different attitudes and behaviours.

Seb had the first accident.
Tom was first to use the potty.
And was rewarded with a chocolate coin.
Which meant Seb spent 10 minutes on the potty and managed to get the tiniest of wee's out.
He wasn't happy with the small coin.
Whilst Tom enjoyed the excitement and another tick in the journey to becoming 3.
Seb decided he'd rather wear nappies.

And so this is how we've ended the first day.
Tom is enjoying the challenge.
Seb would rather not.

And this is how I would have predicted it yesterday.
But as mum and I chatted it over last night.
About potty-training one at a time, I dismissed it.
Firstly I couldn't make the decision as to which I'd train first.
Secondly I thought they should both be given the chance.
And of course, usually Seb does everything first, and I knew Tom was more enthused.
And, of most relevant to me, I go back to work on Jan 7th, I didn't have the time to separate my energies.

So, here we are.
Children leading the way.
Me hoping Tom will be potty trained by the 7th.
Me wondering when Seb will decide to give up the nappies.

Day 1: a day of two halves.

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