Monday, 9 December 2013

Making a memories a reality- Instajunction #Review

I love taking photos.
I can't help capturing moments which I think should be held forever.
Especially with children.
When days feel like months and months like years.
And we are left using photos to recalls the days which I hold so dear, yet my children hold with so many others.

Instagram is my favourite way of sharing images from my phone.
The square can make it easier to hide unnecessary fuss.
And I love taking the time to find the right filter to make it how I see it in my mind.

Instajunction is a fun way of bringing these moments into the tangible.
And I still prefer a pen and paper, and a book, over a tablet and kindle, I have to admit nothing makes me more excited than new stationary or ordering prints of my photos.

Instajunction gives so much choice to printing images I've created through Instagram.
And more importantly, this close to Christmas, offers great choices for gifts for family and friends.

Me, I fell in love with the polaroid-style prints, this was the first camera I had as a child and the style of print just provides memories of good times, accompanies by my favourite memories created a perfect match.
I especially love that, like the original, I can add my notes, and use them as business cards.
Johnson Babies review of Instajunction
When I was thinking about gifts, I was instantly drawn to the photo magnets.
I don't know when it started, but at some point, as a family, we started bring magnets home from holidays for everyone.
And as a result every magnetic service in mine and my family's kitchen is covered in magnets.
And these simple, 5cm x 5cm, magnets make such a fantastic addition to giving context to the places we discover.
Johnson Babies review of Instajunction
The big 'wow' to me came from the wrapping paper, and admittedly I will never use this is a wrapping paper- it is fantastic, and looks great on the wall.
Whilst it's a series of photos on repeat and would in theory make fantastic wrapping paper, it is also of the most fantastic quality.
Johnson Babies review of Instajunction

Johnson Babies review of Instajunction
And the ultimate compliment was paid when I showed Mr J, who replied "They look a bit Instagram-ish" (of course he knows not of my account!).

I love the choice of ways to use your instagram on Instajunction, and I was really impressed with the quality of the items we received.
I love taking our photos from the screen to daily reminders of our best memories.
And now we have them every morning as we make breakfast!

Disclosure: We received a discount voucher to order these items. All views and opinions contained are our own.

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