Monday, 16 December 2013

Making Panettone (Advent #23)

This year I really wanted to make Panettone.
Years ago, when Mr J and I lived in Yorkshire, the family gathered in South Wales for Christmas. My brother and his wife were over from Thailand, and they brought a hamper (not from Thailand!).
My mum wrapped something up in tin foil for our journey home. And of course the M6 was in bumper-to-bumper, and of course we ate the contents of the picnic in darkness.
To date, no-one knows what we ate.
Randomly I'm going with Stollen or Panettone.
It's not very scientific, I just don't think I've had them before, or since.
But on the M6, starving, it was the best thing ever.
Making Panettone for the Great Bloggers Bake Off

So, of course, this Christmas I've decided to attempt to bake Panettone.
And, as always, I relied on BBC Good Food, and used a Paul Hollywood recipe.
But, because we had no cherries in the house I used chocolate chips.
And because we don't have a Panettone tin, and I couldn't justify buying one for an experiment I have instead been feeding the children on alphabet spaghetti for the purposes of my baking (I like to think this is educating my children so not entirely selfish), (and hearing Seren teaching her brothers makes my heart soar, so it defeats any unselfish act I was badly justifying).

I digress!
And so I did forget to egg wash the Panettone, and I'd guess that in the spaghetti tins need about ten minutes less (but using a skewer to determine this is the best bet).
And, it is absolutely delicious, according to me and Mr J.
Making Panettone for the Great Bloggers Bake Off
Although neither of us can quite remember if this is what we ate all those years ago.

I'm linking up with Jenny and Helen for the Christmas Great Bloggers Bake Off.
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  1. Debbie i LOVE these and i LOVE you and the fact you used those alphabetti tins lol (I must use thsoe next time as my big one as too big for me!)
    I like having choc chips in my panettone yum! i would love to sample one of yurs right now actually
    thanks for linking up and well done on the creative skills here x x


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