Tuesday, 24 December 2013

My random wish: A new hallway

With the presents all wrapped.
The food stacked in the kitchen.
And only the Gingerbread House to make.

I cannot help but plan my time off.
My hope for a new hallway.
My wish for my photo wall.
(Amongst a lot of other home improvement hopes).

I have been gathering photo frames forever.
I have so many photos.
Which I need to sort. To restrict my favorites.

And then to the walls.
To paint or wallpaper.
To our carpets (which seem to determine all colours in this home).

I have fallen for a wallpaper.
When I think of birdcages I think of the best of times.
My first ballet exam,
Where a birdcage... aka a lampshade covered in peach material and flowers, accompanied my best attempts.
To 'They Might Be Giants'

which has seen me through the worst and the best of times.

So, I have planted the seed.
Home improvements.
My Mondays off.
And my hope for a memory wall.

So, cross you fingers, as I convince Mr J as to how lovely our home will be with a birdcage or two for company.

So as I hope my children can keep all the good things that provide light in their soul protected.
I hope I can keep some of the many moments that they have provided me with light captured.

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