Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Our Christmas - 2013

So, this year we had the most perfect Johnson family Christmas.
And, as has become customary, our plans changed throughout Christmas Eve.
We drew our line. We agreed, above all else, Christmas is about our children.

For reasons unknown, I forgot to book Christmas week off.
It turned out ok, a deadline meant I was working to the bitter end.
And I was glad to send the last email, attach the final versions of the excel spreadsheets which have plagued the last three months of my life, and switch off everything work related.

And walk next door to my most excited children.
Seren was getting over her disappointment.
She had miscalculated, and had spent Monday convinced it was Christmas Eve.
Her Christmas Day never materialised.

Carol Service saw her getting to carry the ornament of Mary, so all began to make sense.
The boys got to carry the Wise Men (with Seren on hand for supervision) and so Christmas took hold.

With much excitement the Johnson Babies went to sleep on Christmas Eve.
After leaving a carrot for Ruldoph, Black (cola) and a chocolate cupcake for Father Christmas (ever the radicals, the children left their favourite food).
And the boys added their dummies, understanding that if they left their favourite thing, maybe Father Christmas would reward them with something better.
"The Night Before Christmas" was read.
Lights were turned out.

Footprints appeared.
And Christmas Day dawned.
The boys had been rewarded for giving up their dummies with their joint gift- a fire station.

After the children eventually woke up at 9 (that's what too much excitement does to them!), one of my favourite moments of Christmas happened.
As the children raced downstairs, ahead of mummy and daddy shouting: "Wait for us", "Mummy and Daddy must go first", "Do not open the lounge door"...
The door opened a little (by whose hand we know not), and Jewelly strode out.
"Look mummy, I was good. Father Christmas let Jewelly stay."
The plan had worked.

And so Christmas saw mummy finally relent and gifts of princesses and dressing up costumes were found in Seren's stocking.
 And whilst Seb seemed the most wary of the gifts, once he got into it the paper was being ripped off.
And of course Mr J had to play his part:
 And provoked Seren into a smile for the camera.
Another favourite part of our Christmas Day was leaving Seren and Mr J to prepare Christmas dinner and take the boys across the road to enjoy their Christmas gifts.
And then as the children reunited, I got to unwrap my gifts from Mr J.
And, of course, I was treated to everything which will make 2014 a wonderful year.
 And as Mr J put the finishing touches to our meal, the table was prepared.
 And I got to sit next to the ever charming Tom.
And after our meal, and some down time. My parents descended. And we lived Christmas again.
This time with a light evening meal.

And yet, as 7pm hit the boys were ready for bed.

The first Christmas they had understood.
Thanks in no small part to their sister.
The excitement, the fun, the constant.

And as we read their new book "Room on a Broom", I was so grateful to their appreciation.
That they enjoyed and were thoroughly worn out by their day.

It really was "A Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night".

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