Monday, 2 December 2013

Our week that was - Week 48

It has been so difficult this week to sort through the photos, we've had a wonderful week away so there are photos a plenty.
Here are some of my favourites, although there are lots I've omitted, to be used in other posts, or just resigned because there are too many.

The week started with Mr J taking the boys to the beach whilst S and I went to Church. I loved these photos, which show that, apart from me, no-one in our family cares how cold it is.
And then on Monday, after the car had been fixed, we went for our holiday, a week in Center Parcs.
We booked it after returning from a November break last year.
It was the most fantastic holiday.
We went swimming everyday. Indoors and outdoors. Slides and rapids.
Riding bikes, with trailers or solo.
Painting plates, making pom-poms.
 One-to-one time and family time.
 Pancakes and waffles.
   It will probably be our last Center Parcs holidays.
With S now in compulsory education we will not be authorised to take her out again.
And a cursory glance means prices trebled.
So next year, new adventures, new fun.
With confident swimmers and excited bike riders.
And so we have had the most fantastic time.
The best holiday so far.
But definitely not the best holiday ever.
They are still to come.

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