Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Our Week That Was - Week 49

Because of the bedlam of the weekend, I am a little delayed.

Last week was about Christmas preparations.
About making sure that no matter how chaotic our life is, our home is ready for Christmas.

Sunday saw the first rehearsal of the Nativity, and the bedlam of thinking children can see the past the excitement of costumes. So for respite I went home and put our Christmas decorations up, muchto Mr J's dismay (albeit when I suggested I wasn't about the following weekend when he could do it he soon changed his tune).
Monday: for some reason, blanked from my memory. First day back after a week off just meant finding my way through the trees.

Tuesday: After a day in London I decided to start on some Christmas decorations for our home, and made our Christmas tree.
Wednesday: Having a hyperventilating moment, I realised the boys birthday is drawing ever closer. So to take my mind off it I made some invitations!
Thursday: We put all of our pom-poms to good use and made our Christmas Wreath, I think Squeaks liked it!
Friday: I went to London. It was meant to be a day of great vision and insight. It had it. Just not in droves. It did have a wall you could write on... which I am thinking of recreating at home. So, it remains the day of the elephant.
Saturday was a day of amazingness (of course it's a real word).  I got to take the boys to London for their first time ever (can you imagine how excited I was!). And, of course, they were so well behaved. And, of course, when they were sleep deprived on the way home, when I wanted to tell the girl on the table we were sat at to stop grimacing, that she'd probably be a parent one day and curse twenty-odds for their lack of empathy, of course I moved seats so she had her space.  But then, more amazingness when I swopped the boys for Squeaks and went to see 'The Sleeping Beauties'. And I put the day into my memory as one of our perfect days.

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