Thursday, 19 December 2013

Our Week That Was Week #50

The problem at the moment with leaving it so late to do a weekly catch up is that this close to Christmas it's all going so fast and blurring.

So, although already a distant memory, this was our week:

Sunday: Seren had a birthday party and learned to limbo.

Monday: After finding a kitten for Seren we got to bring her home on the pretense that Father Christmas was seeing, in advance of Christmas Day, if Seren was responsible enough to look after a kitten.

Tuesday: After said kitten spent the night and day hiding down the chimney (a post for another time!) Mr J brought another kitten home to see if we could bring kitten 1 out of it's shell (and the chimney). Seren insisted on giving both kittens the same name...

Wednesday: Seren's nativity.... and of course she was fantastic!

Thursday: A trip to London...

Friday: My Christmas night out! I was lucky enough to have an eveing with the girlies and we got to sing with Cerys Matthews*!!! (*along with around 396 other people at Sherman Cymru)

Saturday: I had a quiet one in the house, we began making Panettone and I tried my arm at a Christmas sponge. It was a practice with some new tins, which I'm glad I did as I used them the wrong way up (!), hopefully this has set me in good stead for January!!

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