Sunday, 29 December 2013

Our Week That Was Week #51

I had no clue I was this far behind.
I've realised priorities last weekend were slightly skewed, so here was December 15th to 21st.

Sunday: We took the children to visit Father Christmas at Cardiff Castle. Whilst not the best photo it does manage to achieve my impossible- all three looking at the camera. Tom burst into tears after opening his gift. He thought this was the Father Christmas, and the visit he had been waiting for. He received a cuddly dog. He wanted a fire station. Pep talk was duly offered.

Monday: A first swimming certificate. And a proud child accompanied it.

Tuesday: I took the day off to bake. The boys have been weaning themselves off their naps. We popped out for more supplies. And this was their stance as mummy decided what to buy. It may look bad. Usually I'd associate this with sumo wrestling toddlers. Instead there was pretend snoring coming from their direction.

Wednesday and Thursday: were all about preparing the Christmas gifts for the children's teachers. These were the hampers we had been building up, from decorations, to food and drink. I think they were worth it, I was so proud of the effort and pride the children offered, understanding Christmas to be more about giving and receiving than favourite toys isn't an easy one, we will hopefully get there.

Friday: Finishing the Angel shakers for the Nativity ensured my idle hands were put to good use.

Saturday: the final rehearsal for the Nativity. I managed to persuade Seren, who has turned into a diva over the past weeks, to participate. I wasn't so lucky the following day.

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