Tuesday, 10 December 2013

"The Sleeping Beauties" at Sherman Cymru (Advent #2) #Review

'The Sleeping Beauties' is Sherman Cymru's 2013 Christmas offering.
It says for 7+, and I would really emphasize the '+'. As soon as we got home I phoned my mum to tell her she had to book tickets.
The Sleeping Beauties at Sherman Cymru
'The Sleeping Beauties' is fantastically written by Robert Alan Evans. And as we sat eagerly awaiting the performance I was drawn into the programme:
"It surprised me that in Sleeping Beauty that terrible thing is time."
It was something I had never thought through, and yet, what worse an enemy to anyone's life but time?

With performances until the 4th January, I decided to put the performance to the ultimate test by taking a 4 year old (Four and three quarters if you ask the girl herself).
This was because I have still not been forgiven for not taking her to see 'Peter Pan'- the Sherman's 2013 Christmas production.

There was the inevitable excitement of being at the theatre.
And as the lights dimmed, we were drawn in.
Credit: Mark Douet
I guess, as I was meant to, I fell head over heels for Lisa Jen Brown's portrayal of the Fertility Wife. I was reminded of 'Stay' by Shakespeare's Sister (I'm sure this was intentional...) whilst Squeaks fell for Dawn and her red dress (oh, to be four and three quarters).

As Squeaks cwtched into me, as her body jumped with fear and surprise, I loved knowing how much she was transfixed.
I laughed as she asked me if I remembered her being in my tummy (because it's so easy to forget?).
And I loved how she laughed at the use of the word 'lunatic'.

Moving on a 'long long time' was fantastic, I loved 'Prince' and couldn't have laughed more at Eve's mimic of him.
Gruffudd Glyn was amazing (I'm sure I should use a phrase like 'amaze-balls') as the Queen, I began scratching my head as to whom he reminded me of, before completely giving in and enjoying the performance.
Credit: Mark Douet
I have no doubt Squeaks wasn't old enough to 'get it'. At natural breaks she asked me if 'Sleeping Beauty' was next, once I stopped explaining and agreed it was, she loved it. I don't think she got it, and seeing all the Brownies in the audience loving it, I can't help but agree the 7+ guideline. But Squeaks did enjoy it, and she remained transfixed throughout. She loved the "pigs and wolves", she loved the roller-skates, and apart from the lack of a 'proper forest' she agreed it was Sleeping Beauty really.

I would definitely go back and enjoy it for me. I love watching Squeaks enjoying the theatre, but 'The Sleeping Beauties' is definitely enjoyable for 'grown-ups'.
It's not the Sherman's equivalent of a pantomime, it is a fantastic production. It is amazingly well-written, it makes a great use of every element of 'theatre' and it takes a fairy tale we know and love, and makes it new, and spell-binding, and beautiful.

Disclosure: We received two tickets for the purposes of this review. All opinions detailed are our own.

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  1. Hi Debbie,

    I love your review; it's really interesting to see the point of view from a Mother rather than myself. I saw the show last night and really enjoyed it... however I didn't have that extra bonus of a young, excited child with me.

    If you're interested my review can be found here: http://thescribbleemporium.wordpress.com/2013/12/11/shermans-sleeping-beauties-sparkle-and-shine/

    Out of interest are you taking your child to see Corina Pavlova at Sherman?



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