Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Creating a birthday cake fit for three year old twins

Did I mention I was proud of this?
I just thought I'd get it in up front.

I've always kept my cakes behind closed doors until now.
Loved by my family.
Birthday cakes. On display. Always made by experts.

And then, in the run up to Christmas, my fairy godmothers (aka Helen and Jenny) waved their magic wand.... and look what (thanks to the Great Bloggers Bake Off) appeared in my kitchen:
And yes, I had been eyeing these up for some time.

And, suddenly I had no excuses.
Thanks to Lakeland and Renshaw Baking I got to practice over Christmas. Before my talents were put to the test (?!) courtesy of Tom & Seb's third party.

And so, I went for three tier madness.
And, tried to keep to the Knights & Princesses theme.

The bake went better this time.
I went with a sponge.
As always:
the weight of eggs= the weight of caster sugar= the weight of butter= the weight of self raising flour + vanilla essence.
Cream the butter and sugar.
Add the eggs, one by one.
After two eggs are incorporated, alternate the remaining eggs with a tablespoon of flour.
Add the remaining flour and when well incorporated, add 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla essence per two eggs used.
My baking times vary depending on quantities. I start with 180 degrees for 25 minutes and assess from there on in.

As it was, six eggs for the largest base definitely wasn't enough.
The smallest base baked perfectly at four eggs.

And so, once baked and cooled I attempted to create what was in my head.
And, it would seem this was it:
What did I know? I know I wanted grass, a castle and sky.
I used the colours I had to change the colour of the icing (and realised how much more straight forward it was to buy ready-to-roll coloured icing).
I remembered the flowers I had bought from Kitchens which sorted out a tear in the icing.
I found the joins in tiers particularly difficult to accept, fortunately the idea to add the top of the castle around the top tier rather than around the top of the second tier helped me breathe easier.

Taking it out of the house wasn't so good.
By the time it reached the party venue it was sliding and cracking.
Many lessons have been learned (although please share yours, I am in need of many!).

And this was the reaction... albeit the party was getting the best of them!

For the record, this was last year's effort:
I think I get an award for most improved?

And, if in any doubt, I found this, to get me inspired for Seren's birthday in March!



  1. That cake is perfect for boys. I keep wanting to try a mad hatter type cake but don't think I'll get chance any time soon as my daughter is wanting a Cinderella cake in June. Unless I make one for my husband's birthday. Thanks for linking this t Celebration cakes and bakes :)

  2. That cake is brilliant, how lovely for any little boy who loves Mike the Knight.


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