Monday, 27 January 2014


When I think of a memory which really makes me smile I think of this:
When I'm in work and I want to take myself back to a positive mindset, I look at my wrist:
And, when I'm travelling, and I want to feel happy, well, listening these makes the world a better place.
This, the number 1 when Seren was born (she is so lucky to have such a good track!). I was Welsh living in Yorkshire. This will always make me happy.

And this, this I remember from 'Good Morning Vietnam'. It says everything about our lives. To me, it cannot fail to uplift.

And this, this doesn't fail to get me singing along:

And, if all else fails, I remember.
If this has injected even a teeny bit of happiness in your day, well, my work here is done!


  1. I properly LOL-ed at that top photo!

  2. That toilet photo is so stinking cute - and shouting out for a caption!

  3. That top photo is just brilliant! I'm certain it's made everyone smile :-) Thanks for joining in with #SpreadALittleHappiness

  4. Haha that picture is funny. I have a special bracelet that I wear when I'm not with my husband to make me smile too :)


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