Friday, 24 January 2014

How much advice does your dentist give you?

So, flexible working, compressed hours.
I'd love to say it's going well.
I've had three Mondays off so far (plus New Year's Day, but that doesn't count).

With afternoons committed to time with Tom & Seb.
My mornings started well.
I dropped the boys at playschool and went for coffee with one of my best friends.

My two mornings since have been spent at the dentist.

And yes, this truly is time spent on me.
I have to confess time spent on dental appointments has been sparse over the last five years.
I had root canal treatment after Seren was born, and it scarred me.

Finding a good dentist is so difficult, especially with NHS waiting lists.
The NHS dentist I found in Yorkshire, who gave the root canal treatment, put me off for life.
I'd never had a problem until then, but despite friends assuring me of the bad reputation of the dentist, it halted my prioritisation of dental treatment.

On moving to Wales I registered us at the dentist surgery I'd had as a child.
The children could register on the NHS although I had to register as private.
I was aghast by how much it cost, and as it wasn't really convenient, it motivated me to find a more local dentist.

I managed to find one.
And am now left thanking my lucky stars.
My first appointment. Three children and me.
Bedlam, chaos. She took it in her stride.
She encouraged the children to get involved (not withstanding Seren's strops).

And it encouraged me to return for treatment.

Three treatments in.
I have had a filling replaced, a new filling, and most amazingly, my 'yellow' tooth cleaned.
My 'yellow' tooth was born yellow. It's never known anything else.
All dentists in the past have accepted it.
I don't know what 'green cleaning gel' was used, but I love my new tooth.

I was asked if dentist's had ever shown me how to clean my teeth.
Truth be told, no.
Whilst I scored points for the use of an electric toothbrush, I had no clue how to best use it.
To position it at a 45 degree angle to get in to the nooks and crannies.
To use my toothbrush morning and night.
And to also use floss and interdental brushes at night.

I was shown how to floss.
I was introduced to interdental brushes.
And watched my gums bleed.
But within a week gum disease can reduce considerably.
I discovered my front teeth to have gaps between them.
Which plaque disguises.

And so, with toothbrush, floss, and interdental brushes in hand.
Fingers crossed my next check up in October results in another 6 month gap!


  1. I always go to the hygenist after my dentist appointment for a clean and polish and she is great at telling you all about cleaning teeth and suggesting ways to brush etc and often has free samples. It is only about £12 a visit and makes your teeth squeaky clean - worth every penny I think !

  2. I also had a couple of old fillings that needed to be replaced. The hygienist there was very professional and worked hard to ensure my visit was comfortable. Her chair was also good.

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