Saturday, 18 January 2014

My water babies

This week Tom & Seb started swimming lessons.
You might think they're too young. But they're so confident in the pool, they need to learn the discipline of swimming.
And they came home on such a high.

Seren started her swimming lessons just over a year ago. And it is the hobby she enjoys.
Although she is a lazy swimmer.
There have been many Monday evenings where she just simply does not want to go to her lesson.
Any other day, ask her when she gets home from school what she wants to do.
She wants to go swimming.
Or more specifically, to the swimming pool. To mess about.
Lessons rely on discipline. Enough said.

Tom & Seb now have their swimming lessons at the same time. So, we have a temporary reprieve with the excitement of them all getting ready together.

It's amazing to think that we didn't go swimming before we moved to Wales.
We took Seren in the pool most days when we went to Kos.
It was a love/ hate relationship. Some days she'd scream down the place, other days she was happy.
And we took the boys swimming for the first time when they were 6mths old at Center Parcs.
When we moved here we found a pool which would allow us to take the three children in the pool with two adults.
And so now we try and go as a family as much as possible.
The boys go with Mr J on a Saturday morning, and maybe one evening.
And the same is true for Seren.
And then there is the fun of taking Seren with one of the boys and seeing a whole different dynamic.

Swimming lessons are such a good think for all three.
Seren can now swim about 25m unaided.
And the boys, well, with the buoyancy vests on the pool is their domain.
Which means loosing the vests and a bit of their invisibility.
Although they were the ones showing the instructor how well they jump into the pool... without their vests.

I am so happy, that this is one after-school activity which is completely out of my comfort zone.
That before too long or three children will swim better than me.

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