Sunday, 5 January 2014

No more Monday morning feeling

Tomorrow I will not go back to work.
Flexible working starts here.

Oddly, with no surprises, I have a to-do list a mile long.
I need to go to the bank to sort the children's savings accounts.
I need to get the last minute bits and pieces for the boys birthday party.
I need to sort my tax return.
I really need to sort our mobile phones. Which probably isn't one for tomorrow.

I will send the boys to playschool in potty training mode.
I'm not happy with this.

I thought Seren had taken to potty training better.
And then decided I was suffering from rose-tinted spectacles.
Yet, now in this act, I know my memory is correct.
Seren never returned home from playschool in her spare clothes.

I have packed two sets of spare clothes per child tomorrow.

I think they'll come home in their nappies.

Tomorrow, Seren returns to big girl school.
And for the first time ever is not looking forward to it.
She has informed me she'd rather go to playschool. Or nursery.
She doesn't have as much fun in school it seems.
And after two weeks hand in hand with her brothers I don't blame her.
So bad mummy kicks in, as I convince her she will need to be in school tomorrow.

So, I think to 9.15.
Children safely where they ought to be.
And me, driving for a coffee with a good friend with whom it has been too long since I enjoyed a coffee and a long conversation.
And then, maybe, maybe I'll think about the 'to-do' list.
Enjoying coffee with a good friend
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