Sunday, 5 January 2014

Our Week That Was... Week 1... Hello 2014

Well, here we are.
2014 has seen us off to a great start.
I've used my time off to declutter our home. A black sack and an attitude of "if we haven't met since we've moved here you're history" has served me well.
Throw in absolutely rubbish weather  and potty training and it's been an adventure!

Wednesday: New Year's Day. With no hope of leaving the house without getting blown away we decided hot chocolate, "marshmeadows" and a movie was the only way to live.
Hot chocolate for the little people
Thursday: A break in the weather and a trip to Porthkerry saw some much needed respite. This photo reminds me of my favourite Counting Crows track.
Daddy and daughter time
 Friday: trying to gain a sense of calm with the creation of a "to-do" list.
Birthday prep
 Saturday: preparing for Epiphany. Making sure my craft project works for the morning.
Star making

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