Thursday, 23 January 2014

Proud Mamma- the 3 year check up

Yesterday saw my three children shine.
Reception classes at Seren's school held an open afternoon.
Tom & Seb had their 3-year assessment.

I have probably covered a lot of my parenting fails on this blog.
So I wanted to take this time to celebrate how far all three have come.

Tom & Seb's assessment is probably one of those things, the thing you'd rather do without.
I love my children, why do I need an assessment to say anything else.
And given how much we got on with our Yorkshire Health Visitor, how would we all get on with someone new.

As it was she was lovely, the boys went from shy to outgoing in seconds.
I initially discussed my concerns about their speech. Seb seems far more articulate, Tom seems to have more difficulty with certain sounds so whilst speaking 'fluently' sometimes is a little more difficult to understand.
And of course, acknowledging this is pretty much based on my insecurities of thinking there's a possibility of the boys inheriting my childhood learning difficulties.

We discussed why this might be, does Seb do the talking for Tom.
I explained that Tom and Seb are always chattering, that I don't have a clue what they're saying but they 'get it'.
That Seren and Seb are closer in humour and temperament, and I think this is more likely a factor.

But of course, there was nothing to worry about.
From the moment the Bookstart bags were revealed, and 'We're Going On a Bear Hunt' unveiled, the boys were off.
Colour matching, drawing, singing, talking, using the potty... they were an absolute dream.

As I talked through their diet, their eating habits, their sleep routine, giving up dummies, dental health and general health. I realised how fortunate we are.

I was reassured over their potty training progress, their speech.
And the health visitor generously listened to my concerns about Seren (definitely another post, not to rain on this one, but I am now learning all about melatonin).

And then came the height and weight check.

My tiny Tom, who as a baby loved life on the 2nd centile is now showing off at the 80th for weight and 72nd (ish!) for height.
And Seb, who is the whole of 2mm taller, 90th for weight and 75th for height.

I am going to end up with three children just like daddy- tall, fair and blue eyes.

So, I guess I shouldn't get too worried that this has been their chosen attire this week.

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