Monday, 13 January 2014

Seb and Tom turn three

This is one of my 'quick and dirty' posts. I have no great photos.
Today my twin boys turn three.
Today I remember being told at 32 weeks Twin 1 had stopped growing.
I remember not really understanding.
I remember, sadly, speaking to my midwife about it, and her encouraging me that for consultants where this maybe their first twin pregnancy, or where English is not their first language, that We/ I come first.
That it turns out if I ask, I can be put on a seperate pile to be seen by my named consultant.
I remember the monitoring over Christmas and the New Year.
I remember leaving on New Year's Eve at 7pm ready for our party at 7.30
So grateful to the NHS for the care they were giving in monitoring my babies health.
Of falling apart when being told that the my babies would be induced in a week's time for the sake of Twin 1.

I remember
Going to bed knowing the alarm was set.
Knowing, with everything equal, I would be phoning the hospital in the morning to see whether they had a bed for me to be induced.
Knowing, a midwife friend had said whilst they said 'phone at 8', they'd know at 7.30.
Alarm set.

Letting Seren sleep with me because she was so poorly.
Mr J being delegated to the spare room weeks ago because I was so big I wanted the whole bed.
Waking at 5am knowing something was going on.
Trying to decide at 5.15 whether to wake Mr J
Phoning the hospital and persuading them that we should be checked out.
Waking Mr J to ask him to drive me to to the hospital.
Waking my mum to ask her to get into bed with Seren. Because "I felt like a drive to the hospital".

We arrived at 6am.
They agreed we should move straight to the delivery 'ward'.
That Mr J should get our bags.
Slightly more prepared than Seren.
And after the smoothest labour I could ask for.
Tom was born at 6.35.
My teeny baby at 4lb 7.5oz
Seb was born at 6.53.
At 6lb.
After a little panic from the consultant.
I was able to give birth in the labour 'ward'.
I was petrified of them transferring me to theatre.
That was the rule it seemed, all multiple births had to be in theatre.
I understood the rationale, although I didn't like it.
And fortunately they knew there wasn't enough time.
(Unfortunately a lady had a more difficult labour. The consultant arrived at my room from theatre with enough time to deliver Tom. And then Seb.).

I don't know I can offer any advice to other multiple mums.
Seb was born with assisted delivery (forceps). The midwives were up in arms.The consultant was convincing (after a difficult birth who can blame him) the fear that Seb would become breach after so much room had been 'freed up'. Me, I felt motivated that the wonderful midwives who had supported me at 6am were finishing at 7 and it would be nice to finish the shift with good news.
And so twins forever.
6.53 and 6.35.
Linked. Inverted

Would anything have been different?
Who cares.
I have the most beautiful, the most comical, the most caring boys a parent could hope for.
They love and pine for their big sister.
And let her open their presents.

And for that, they are the best three year olds I could ever hope to meet.
My gorgeous boys.
Two of my three Musketeers.

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