Sunday, 19 January 2014

The potty training update

I thought I'd write an update.
I've fallen into a trap of rose tinted spectacles with Seren.

I remember we started potty training when she turned 3 in the March.
I remember never taking her potty to playschool, because she went straight to the toilet.
I remember never having her second set of clothes used.

I remember she did have an accident when we went on holiday to Center Parcs in the July.
And me completely kicking myself because I had forgotten (over what was a long period of time) to check whether she needed the toilet.

The boys are a story of patience.
Which started on December 28th.
Whilst I thought we might be training one at a time, the usual "if he's doing it, I have to" kicked in.
And whilst they are fantastic at running around without any bottoms on, and have had minimal accidents.
We're going for the slow but steady journey.
On January 6th they went back to playschool, and on the basis that we had had a few 'nearly there' experiences, I packed them off with their potties, and two changes of clothes.
They came home in the second change.
And when Mr J dropped them off on the Tuesday he reported a visible sense of relief when the news was received.
My optimism of putting my holiday to good use did not come to fruition.

And so a new routine has begun.
The slow and steady.
Nappies for playschool and out 'n' about, and slow progress to wearing clothes at home.
We're now at the stage that their both wearing 'big boy pants' at home.
But there have been some accidents, so I am reluctant to progress to fully clothed.

And then this week, the letter arrived.
Only one.
Seb's been accepted into our first choice school nursery for April.
One phone call, and a returned phone call later, the Council have sorted it with the school, and Tom can start as well.
No pressure or anything.
Small text- an error had occurred, we had only one place- they sorted it within the hour. But, they can't start if they are not toilet trained.

So, slow and steady.
As focus changes to the February half term.

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