Sunday, 26 January 2014

Week 2, week 3 and week 4- 2014 #365

This is how bad it is, I am this far behind.
I also seem to have lost some days.

So, here's a load of photos which sum up January, so far...

Tuesday: (Yes, Sunday and Monday went awol, who can blame them?- for info, on the Sunday, it was my first time leading the older group at Sunday School, I have reframed my new favourite saying at work to meet the outcome "It was what it was". Monday, I had a fantastic day, my first flexi-day. It would seem I reinforced this by not taking photos). And so on Tuesday, I found a way to get names onto the badges I had made, and felt proud.
Wednesday also disappeared. To London. To inductions. I have three new team members, soon to be four. With the new year comes fresh starts.

Thursday: Mr J's birthday. Our meal out was gatecrashed. Their relationship perfectly unique.
 Friday: Ambition takes hold. She who can't draw decides to produce art work.
 Saturday: Which I happen to feel a little bit proud of.
 Sunday: My amazing, wonderful boys turned 3. And as I have dedicated two posts to the occasion, I decided to share this one. To show it's not just me who is this proud. Mr J, getting truly involved in ensuring the boys enjoy their day. Through balloon creations!
Monday: Seren, I suspect, has been thinking about this since last March, but with the boys party out of the way, now we are safe to begin planning hers. Numberjacks, meets dress up, meets rainbows.
Well, I found something to meet the first part of the brief!
Tuesday: We had painting time, with one of the boys' birthday presents.
I was amazed by how different the boys took to the task.
And was more amazed by whom painted which.
Thursday and Friday was spent in Birmingham. I sense I will be spending a lot more time in Birmingham. My team team are now located in: Leeds, Warrington, Warrington, Leicester, Birmingham, Bristol, and Exeter. With me in Cardiff it would seem Birmingham is going to be a far more convenient meeting point than London. Adjustment will need to occur.
Saturday: Mr J is joining is the Team Honk relay, so we were over the moon when Joker's Masquerade agreed to send an outfit for our week's activities!
Sunday: We all (eventually) managed to make our way to the park. And when I eventually turned up this is how the boys were enjoying their time. As I type this, I wonder how to describe who we bumped into, I would describe them as friends, which means I now have friends we've made as a result of being parents. I will have to think on that.
But anyway, two wonderful boys turned two a week before Tom & Seb's birthday. And they generously let Tom & Seb have the most fun on their birthday gift.
Monday: it seems was 'Bob the Builder' day. Bad mummy missed the memo. This is how they spent their afternoon, as they fixed anything (which they broke first). Lego is a safe option on these days I have learned.
Tuesday: for some reason the boys decided they wanted to become babies. And in ways I can't begin to comprehend this involved our blanket going on the floor, cushions from the settee, and then they wanted to be wrapped in a towel. Now, admittedly, this happened for the first two days of their life, but surely they can't regress this much?!
Wednesday: Open Day at Seren's school. I got to see Seren on her terms, and revel in all that she is learning during her time away from us.
Thursday: I made my tutu in anticipation of taking on the Team Honk Relay Baton from Sunday.
Friday, what can be said about Friday? I went to Reading. All was not what it seemed. We received good news. I traveled back to Cardiff. I had a detour to Starbucks to work through some work stuff. Frustrating work stuff which my weekend would not be able to begin until it was sorted.

Saturday, I went on a fantastic puppetry course (blog post to follow). I bonded with this puppet so she ended up becoming my newest baby. I need to decide on a name, I have one in mind but Seren wants to name her 'Isabella Grace'.
And I think, in the footsteps of my favourite story teller, she will be named Matilda.

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