Monday, 17 February 2014

A bad day... made good

I saw it coming,
A mile off.
Everything builds up.
Nothing makes sense.
Overly sensitive.
With no rationale.

I decided to change our routine.

Not to avoid it,
To find our way around it.

We had a mother-daughter, granddaughter-grandma day.
It wasn't a walk in the park.
Within ten minutes my mum asked when was the last time it was that I brought my daughter to Cardiff.
Retail therapy isn't what is used to be.

We tried to accommodate everyone.
Mummy was in desperate need of a sports bra.
Grandmother and daughter were in need of being spoilt for forthcoming birthdays.
Daughter was in need of being spoilt because that's the way life works.
All were in need of a coffee shop.
There's a reason why it's been three months since our last retail therapy.

And why it will be twice that long till our next.

I got to visit the fantastic Bravissmo.
We all got to fall in love with Tiger and treat ourselves.
We got to find Grandma the perfect birthday gift.

We got our coffee break.
I got to revisit the Disney Store and Hamley's with the eyes of a 4-year-old.
So, yes, shopping in Cardiff is still best left to the grow-ed up.
All Seren wants is to visit Disneyland.
But as a change in routine it definitely ticked the box.

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