Monday, 3 February 2014

Crafting for Candlemas

Yesterday was my second Sunday School with the older children.
Learning absolutely nothing from my first experience, I stuck with the idea of doing a craft activity after exploring the reading focused on Jesus' purification, and the traditions of Candlemas.

And I was over the moon that after collecting far more jars than I knew I would need that all of them were used.

As I knew that candle making was out of the question, I went with the idea of creating light holders.
Collecting glass jars for a few weeks, I used some battery operated tea lights I had got a while ago from ebay (although I have since been reassured that the older children are ok to have 'real' candles!), and found acrylic paint, tissue paper and glitter to decorate the jars.
After a practice at home I was happy with the results.
I think I watered down the pva glue slightly too much and I think the black jar would have looked better with one heart to capture all the light inside.
As it was, no-one wanted to use the glitter (phew!) or the tissue paper.
And it was great to see the consideration for how the light would shine brightest.

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