Saturday, 1 February 2014

Dear Matilda

Dear Matilda,

It's been a year.
Like so many, I stopped, I re-read. And processed. And cried.

A year ago you were given your angel wings.
And it was too soon.
Your life had only begun.
And you had given your family so much happiness and love.

And then, you were gone.

And for me, well, now I sit and think of Aled.
A gorgeous 20 month old given his wings only months before you.

And the world seemed to stop.
The unfair card dealt. To two amazing families.
How that can be.

The strongest of families.

A year on Matilda, and your mummy continues to astound me.
With the support of your daddy, and brother and sister,
She translates the happiness you gave, to the lives of so many.

Making a difference, in the way we know you did to her.

Matilda, lovely star of the sea, words seem incomprehensible.
In your short time on earth, you brought so much joy.
And no matter what I write, it won't convey it.
The photos your mummy has, they speak of the happiness and joy.
And those are the memories your mummy can hold so dearly in her heart.

Matilda, I hope the best for you.
I hope you are surrounded by the love and joy you gave your family.
And I hope you can continue to look down on your mummy.
And give her the continued strength, and through the support of those around her,

Matilda, I hope you know, this legacy, that your mummy has created.
That means your place in all our hearts shines so brightly.
And that all mummies and daddies can know through your name the support your mummy has made possible.

Tonight, tonight the stars shine bright.
Letters for Matilda Mae

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