Sunday, 9 February 2014

Getting out no matter what the weather

This weather is definitely getting me down.
Working from home a few days a week means some days I realise I have not left the house at all.
Not good.
Fresh air does everyone the world of good.
Your hair may be blown in all the wrong directions.
Your raincoat may be soaked through.
But you feel better for it.

There seems an obvious link to the children all taking swimming and gymnastics classes.
Come rain or shine.
What I know about my children is.
They don't care.
They love the park no matter what the weather.
A couple of weeks ago we went to Margam Park.
We had rain, hail, and wind.
And two of three were quite poorly.
It didn't matter.
They all cried on the way back to the car that they didn't want to go home.

And the news that Rickets is on the increase means not only am I paying more attention to the children's opportunities for fresh air, but also focusing on their diet.
Making sure Vitamin D is a consideration, whether it be from home cooking or supplements.
And, so, on the basis that the weather is not improving, it's blueberries, fish, and broccoli all the way. Which could make an interesting concoction.

Disclosure: I have received this information as a Growing Up Milk Info Mum and thought, given the weather, it was definitely worth sharing!

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