Thursday, 13 February 2014

Making a difference with @Team_Honk

Maybe it's taken longer to recover from then I imagined.
Maybe I couldn't figure out where to start.
But I do have some great photos!

A couple of weeks ago we got to play our part in the fantastic Team Honk Relay.
Making it's way from Land's End to John O'Groats we made the join between Claire from Diary of the Evans-Crittens and Emily of Twin Mummy and Daddy.

And so there we were.
Meeting Claire and her lovely family at Margam Park.
The little ones in fancy dress, and me in my fancy tutu.
It hailed and rained as we made our way around Margam Park to the Fairytale Park.
No Peppa Pig episode could compare to the Muddy Puddle Jumping competitions ours had.
So much so, I ended up carrying three sodden outfits back to the car as the children could wear them no more.
And whilst all of our puddle jumping baton-passing fun was underway.
Mr J was cycling the 26miles back to base.
And amazingly, in spite of the strength of the hail ringing his bell, he made it back before us.
And in the process perfected selfies (and approaching Sunday afternoon drinkers) for photo opportunities.
Fortunately I had tucked a tenner in his jacket. For emergencies. So he rewarded himself with a pint of Guinness whilst he brought his temperature back to normal.
The week did not go to plan.
For, of course, I had great plans.
Which missed the bit where Tom's visit to hospital the previous week would result in norovirus encompassing our home.
And so, as illness crept around the home, we took full advantage of those recovered.

Seren managed to make it to Barry YMCA for a gymnastics relay on Tuesday.
Mr J & the 'Men' managed to get their opponents to use their text facility on Thursday night at their Squash match.
And the amazing Rhws Primary took part in a gymnastics relay on Friday morning, full of sequencing and bunny hops.
Before my wonderful boys agreed, in pouring rain, to pass the baton over to two gorgeous girls, and Emily, as the baton continued its journey across Wales.
We are so incredibly grateful for those who supported our part of the Team Honk Relay.

And, of course, we are still making up for our lapse in commitment.
I managed to attend my first Zumba class. And have been to another two since.
I still have to do my cake bake, as promised to the lovely peeps in our London office.
And I still want my lovely children (and me!) to ride across the Cardiff Barrage.

Maybe, this really means we need to sign up to the Sport Relief activity at Barry Island in March!!

And of course, as the baton continues its journey from North Wales to England, you can still sponsor the Welsh team!

Team Honk 2014 blogger Relay

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