Friday, 14 February 2014

Making progress at Zumba

Ok, I knew I was the last on the bandwagon.
But, my life has been overtaken by Zumba.

For some reason, I have no idea, at 3.45am on Tuesday morning Seren woke up crying.
It took me ages to figure out what the noise was, it is so unlike her.
I went into her room and settled her.
I crawled back into bed.
But could I get to sleep?
Hell no! My brain chose this moment to get earworm for a track from Zumba.

This Valentine's my wonderful husband bought me this:
Because, of course, a drinks container is going to get me through.
(Don't tell him but water is the only thing that gets me through- the pretense of drinking as I attempt to catch my breath).

And so, I aspire.
To replace my Teva's with trainers.
To replace my 5 year old jogging bottoms with ones that fit.
And to wear my own tops instead of Mr J's squash shirts.

But all of that is detail.

For this, this is the real aspiration.
The real challenge.
And believe me, I have given this much thought.

Two weeks in.
This week, I achieved target and got to three sessions.
And so, five sessions in, and I know the truth.

It is not about weight loss.
It is not about being healthy.
It's not even about catching your breath.

It is this.
At the end of week two.
Of each 60 minute session.
This is my progress:
30% of the time my legs are doing what they're meant to be doing.
30% of the time my arms are doing what they're meant to be doing.
And 5% of that time, my legs and arms are doing what they're meant to be doing at the same time.
And as long as I'm sweating for the other 40% it must be ok.

So, it's not about the 2 stone.
It's about teeny tiny steps.

In 2 weeks I've gone from no co-ordination to 5% co-ordination.
I deserve a beer. Or an Oreo.
Or maybe I'll just do some baking tomorrow!

Thinking about the dress, thinking about the dress...

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