Saturday, 1 February 2014

Reasons to be grateful

I feel like we've ended a fortnight of chaos and disorder.
I feel rundown, exhausted and fed up.

And yet, as I sit down and reflect, I have nothing to feel fed up about.

I have a wonderful family.
It's not easy.
Mr J and I have always been ying and yang.
The children are young and full of energy.
Seren remains temperamental (although sleep management has begun to reap benefits).

I have a job.
It is a job which allows one of us to be a stay-at-home parent.

We have a great support network.
We have a wonderful playschool the boys go to three mornings a week.
We have grandparents nearby who are always willing to cover our bases when we are caught out.
And this week, through the inspiration of three wonderful women I have got to spend time, albeit limited, with two wonderful bloggers.
Claire, mum to four, although you wouldn't know, and Emily, mum to nearly 2-year old twins.
I sit wondering if I do enough.
I sit asking myself to be realistic, working full time, and three young children.
I need to be the best parent I can be and allow myself time for this.
I need to be patient.
I cannot have it all.

I have it all.
I have my family.
I am surrounded by their love.

And I have enough inspiration at my finger tips.
That, in those moments, I can find an amazing blogger to motivate me.

So, this week I am grateful for:

  • Ending the week with our health. Nurovirus may have knocked us all out but we have fought and won. 
  • Having inspiration at our finger tips. We are surrounded by people who are amazing and with the ability to make a difference.
  • The fortune of our location. We can travel, we can meet up with people; we can enjoy the coast line, and the best of the countryside. 

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  1. So glad you have taken time to focus on the bright side. Have a great weekend, Mich x


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