Friday, 28 February 2014

The slowly but surely thing

It's been four weeks.
Four weeks since I walked into my first Zumba session.
I haven't lost any weight.

I've been eating better.
We've moved from full fat milk to semi skimmed.
I've been eating more regular meals.
I've replaced unhealthy lunches with jacket potatoes and cottage cheese.
I've cut chocolate, crisps and snacks out of my diet.
And now have a bowl of shreddies (with my semi-skimmed milk).
But I still do opt for a drink to unwind.
And I still love to bake.

I think, although it's hypothetical, if I had improved my diet without exercise I would have reduced my weight.

I remain, partially, convinced that whilst I am exercising well any weight loss is being offset with muscle development.
I have to be convinced.

Thanks to the TFL Plan in Barry (along with hubby support and a bit of personal kick of the butt) I am achieving my target of exercising three times a week.
Further encouraged to achieve this when TFL went and introduced Barry Bounce alongside the Zumba sessions which I have been converted to.
So, so far...
I started on the 3rd February, and did two sessions.
The next week I managed three Zumba sessions.
The following week I only managed two Zumba, but on the Sunday I got to a Bounce session.... Aaaarrrggghh.
And this week I've managed two Zumba and one Bounce- even though it's half term!

So, better diet, introducing exercise, reducing alcohol intake.
How could this not reduce my weight?

Hopefully because I'm exercising.
Because I'm thinking that my mummy tummy has changed from solid fat to flabby fat (TMI!).
Because my watch is too big.
Because my boots are tight.
Because, of course, muscle weighs more than fat.

And because there's that bit of me that says none of that matters.
If I am exercising.
If I leave that session drowning in sweat.
I am more healthy because of it.
And if I am more healthy, I will be around for my children for longer.
And that's really what it's about.

I would love to be a size 8.
Or a size 10.
Or content in a size 12.

I am a mummy.
With a flabby tummy.
And I want to be a mummy forever.


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