Tuesday, 18 March 2014

5 years

In the blink of an eye.
Not that I would have explained the first 12 weeks that way.

And yet here we are.
With a little being.
A demanding being.
A loving being.
An articulate being.
And a being who knows exactly what she wants, and when she wants it.

A little being.
Who let her brothers open a present each for every one she opened.
A little being.
Who told us what she wished for, when she blew out the candles on her cake:
"I wished everyone would say 'Happy Birthday' to me. They did. See. Wishes do come true."

A little being.
Who throws her strops with the best of them.
Who last night after being a little naughty, immediately started doing good things.
And reported how many good things she had done.
In the hope she could have as many presents. Seven.
Two for her to open. Two for each of her brothers. And one for mummy.
Whose heart could not melt.

The little being this morning, who woke up late.
And mummy got to watch as the little being comprehended.
"It's my birthday, isn't it?"

And was so over the moon as her little brothers sang to her.
And was so excited when mummy and daddy asked if she wanted to open a present.
And she opened the present she had asked for.
And went off to school.

A little being.
Who does not want this day to end.
Who got spoilt with an evening in a soft play restaurant.
Kept open for her and her brothers.
With her Nana Windows, Grandma, Grampy and Uncle Chris all in attendance for her birthday.
With a birthday cake, with her photo on!

What a day!

What a girl.


  1. Happy birthday... lovely words. Birthdays should be a public holiday, so you don't have to go to school!

  2. Happy Birthday LO! Beautiful words and sentiment x

  3. I love the cakes!!! Hope she had a great day!


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