Monday, 31 March 2014

A 5 year old's Rainbow Birthday Party

And so it happened.
In a way which only the mind of a nearly 5-year old girl would have.
My daughter's confidence in her own thoughts led us a merry dance.
Until we decided on a rainbow party.

Mummy had to scrap ideas of Numberjacks, and fairies, and pirates, and princesses.
The constant elevator ride of a child's imagination.

And when we stopped, we turned to ebay, and The Works, Baker Ross, and Home Bargains.
To make rainbow goody bags.
To find the clouds, the rainbow, and the pot of gold.
And, as a commitment has begun.
To making my children's birthday cakes.
So it continued with a rainbow cake.
And a rainbow dress, another purchase, exhausted by all UK shops, which ebay saved.
A contented 5 year old.
And a happy mum.
The rainbow cake a success.

And then to the actual birthday.
To rainbow cupcakes for class mates.
A complete trial for mummy.
Which fortunately worked.
Happy birthday gorgeous girl.
5 years in.
5 years of showing mummy and daddy what a wonderfully kind, caring, happy and independent person you are.
3 years of being the best sister a child could ever hope for.

You are headstrong.
You are funny.
You are caring.
You are ours.
And we are yours.
Love you always.


  1. wow that is one amazing cake! I love how you themed everything, what a lot of work. Just as well birthdays only happen once a year. 5 sounds so grown up!

    1. Thank you! One thing I am proud of is my baking journey since Seren turned 3. And 5 has definitely happened too fast!!

  2. Beautiful cake. I've also decided to make my own cakes.. First year was a hungry caterpillar. Last year was a spotty bag, no idea what this years will be!

    1. Thank you! Wow- a spotty bag- where to begin?! I so fondly remember my homemade cakes and think regardless of the faults I can see, hopefully my children will hold the same.

  3. Love her dress:) What a great theme:)

  4. Wow, I bet you were seeing colours in your sleep!! She really does look like shes enjoying herself, now you got 11 months to sort out her next birthday :-)

  5. Wow that looks like an amazing party and that cake looks incredible!!!

  6. Wow. What an amazing looking cake!

  7. Love the cake, and the dress, and the cupcakes and, well, everything! My girls want an old fashioned afternoon tea party for their birthday this year so I have lots of sugar paste roses to make!


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