Friday, 7 March 2014

A Papier Mache dragon fit for an Eisteddfod

Seren finally got a homework brief which used the term 'construction craft'. 
I had been waiting to do something fun with Seren, and as it was half term I decided to look for a project that would see us through the week.
The theme was 'Wales' all ready for her Eisteddfod today.

I've never done Papier Mache before, so sought out help from Red Ted Art.
Using one part flour to two parts water, and 20 seconds in a microwave worked for us.
And we made sure we allowed for lots of drying time.

We started with the dragon's body, using a balloon.
And left it to dry for two days.
In the meanwhile we made legs, wings, the tail, the neck and head.
For the legs, tail and neck we used a kitchen roll tube (narrower than TRs).
Cardboard formed the base for the wings.
And the head was scrunched up newspaper.
And we added a triangle of cardboard onto the tail.
We used a shoebox lid and painted it green for a base.
And then once we had attached the parts, using criss-crosses of Papier Mache.
And left another day for drying.
The best bit was left for Seren.
Painting the dragon red.
We used acrylic paint which covered really well.
And it was at this point Seren decided to disregard my "Puff, the Welsh Papier Mache Dragon".
In favour of 'Spike'... "because that's a proper dragon's name". Huummpphh!
With the addition of googly eyes.
And a pipe cleaner for a forked tongue.

Here he is.
Our (first of many) half term project.


  1. thats so cute and I love that you are letting your daughter get her hands messy.Visiting from Blog club group G

  2. He's brilliant, da iawn... good luck with the Eisteddfod. I though you used craft glue so I've learnt something today.

  3. Now that is one amazing dragon! He looks like the would be quite friendly :) x

  4. That is fantastic! What a brilliant dragon, I bet she was so pleased and proud :)

  5. Nice to read your article! I am looking forward to sharing your adventures and experiences. ver dragon ball super


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