Saturday, 22 March 2014

Arrgggghhhh..... like arrrggghhh. Listography. Books

This has to be the most amazing nightmare.
Kate Takes 5.
How on earth can you make a Listography with only 5 books.

I am going to accept advice.
And go with those defining books.
The books that went onto define us.

I will start with "Matilda".
(Of course I could just list all books by Roald Dahl).
But this book makes reading acceptable.
A positive personality trait.
"The Diary of Anne Frank"

I can't begin to explain the impact of this book.
I remember. I would save it for Library afternoon. In Year 7.
I wouldn't read it inbetween.
I would save it.
A role model.
Someone who demonstrated so much courage and commitment.
Someone who allowed history to be understood.
To create compassion.
And strength.

And from there to Stanislavski's "An Actor Prepares".
This is a more random choice.
It is one of those books that takes you places.
To Chekhov and Ibsen and Brecht and to Boal.
But this is where it started for me.
Understanding theatre.
Loving theatre.
And growing confidence.

"The Five People You Meet in Heaven"
A recommendation by school friend, who had such impact on my life. The best of forever friends.
And this book.
It stays with you.

And my final choice.
It is sort of in the here and now. I am nearly in the now.
But my life now is about authors. A sign of commitment or a lack of attraction to change.
And so, I turn to my 'quotes' book, the scribble book where I write the things which mean something to me.

Without recollection.
I have annoyed myself at work, with my new found motto: "it will be, what it will be."
And as a look back in my quote book, I find:
" 'Si es atal es atal'.
Things will be as they will be."

And more so.

"Do you believe you can change your destiny?' he (Sajhë) said, seeking an answer.
Alice found herself nodding. 'Otherwise, what's the point? If we are simply walking a path preordained, then all the experiences that make us who we are - love, grief, joy, learning, changing - would count for nothing.”

"Labyrinth" by Kate Mosse. I have loved every book since.
But this one. It kept me. On every emotion.

And so this is it.
I feel drained.
I don't think I've written enough.
And that, that is the joy of books.


  1. I read The Diary Of Anne Frank a bazillion times when I was a girl, and I was lucky enough to go to the Anne Frank Haus in 1999. It was empty for some reason, although the queue was round the block when we came out, and it truly was an incredible experience. I'll never forget a second of it, I really won't.

  2. Oh gosh well done on doing a list of 5 I don't know if I would manage it - loving seeing Matilda up there :) x


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