Saturday, 8 March 2014

Listography: Inspirational Women #IWD2014

So, no sooner does Kate Takes 5 blast us with a fab new Listography, then she comes along with *that* one, you know, the one that makes you have to get a paper and pen and narrow things down.
And I know I'm about to cheat (as long as it's one photo, it's ok, right?).


March 8th is International Women's Day, a day dedicated to celebrating Womankind.
Why would you not want to celebrate.
So, here we go:

1. Enid Blyton
The woman who accompanied me through my childhood.
I would not know where to begin.
A young person's reading journey is so important.
And as a child, writing stories for children seemed a straightforward concept, and yet so few writers truly engaged.
As an adult, nothing is more admirable.
Enid Blyton. Responsible for extending the imaginations and aspirations of so many generations.

2. These ladies, as they now are, have got me from teen, to mum, to me.
I couldn't cope without them.
They are my individual. My grounding. Proving that we can grow up to be whatever we want to be.
Not only accepting my mistakes, but laughing and crying with me along the path.
I spend time with them, I am in awe, how was I the one who got to know them, how do they manage to be who they want to be.
I am so grateful they agreed to be godparents to my children, because my children need to have inspirational women in their lives.
They are my homies, my besties, and my sanity.

3. Why on earth wouldn't this lady feature here? You know when you become a mum, and you think, "why on earth did you manage to keep this from me?", and you become a mum of three, and you think (because you had efficiency on your side) "how on earth did you contemplate a third", because being a parent is ridiculous. It is beyond everything. To have someone relying on you so implicitly.
And my mum never gave the game away.
She was a stay at home mum, and did soooo much more.
Money may have been tight when we were younger, but it never stopped us having the best life.
My mum takes crafting to another level.
And now my children have the most amazing grandmother.

4. J. Of Zumba with J fame.
I only met Jordan a few weeks ago, thanks to another lovely lady who came into my life because our daughters are friends.
Jordan is just one of those people. Absolutely gorgeous. And so fit! (whichever way you want to interpret that is the right one). The amazing thing is, she makes getting fit fun, and unintimidating.
And that's a great quality.
But more so than that, why inspirational?
Because Jordan is completely open about who she is. And whilst you look at her and see soooooo much confidence.
She has had her battles, and has not only come through them the other side, but has come out the other side fighting.
And without blinking Jordan has agreed to do something massive. And that is incredible.

5. And finally, the lovely ladies who have been getting #IWD2014 in the twittersphere. These women have inspired people to get involved. Giving a bit of themselves, to allow everyone the confidence to give a bit of us.
These women have some super power which means people up and down the country have been doing really silly and/or sporty things for money.
With no further ado, Team Honk - Tanya, Annie, Penny.
Supporting Comic Relief and Sport Relief in creating #lastingchange


  1. Gorgeous list - I love the photo of your mum and I too love the grandparent that my mum has become. Hurrah for Team Honk. Bravo for zumba and couldn't agree more about the power of reading - I think Blyton's Tales of Long Ago (retellings of Greek Myths) is why I went on to study Classics at university!

  2. A wonderful list, love you have your best friends in there also xx

  3. Oh this is lovely. How wonderful to have such a close group of friends and lovely to see how much they mean to you.

  4. A great list. Enid Blyton got such bad press at one point, so uncalled for. My sister walked into a lamp post reading one of her books on the way to school!!

  5. I think that's a great list too, it's lovely that your friends are right up there, and your Mum, you're very rich :)


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