Saturday, 1 March 2014

Listography - Simple Pleasures

It's so lovely to see Kate is back with a new Listography to think about.

And so, with the theme of 'simple pleasures', here are mine:

1. Family time. It is so much more simple than I think I need to plan for. Plan for some big adventure, someone will get sick. Feel like packing everyone into the car and escaping to the beach- it will be fantastic.
2. Baking. Escaping for at least 10 minutes into the kitchen. Before a little voice asks if they can help. Followed by two more little voices. Baking, for me, is therapeutic, and for the children the rewards of decorating and eating their creation is more than worthwhile.
3. To-do Lists. I guess there's link with my love of Listography! I enjoy my five minutes on a Friday where I pull my white board down and figure out how we're all going to be in the right place in the forthcoming week.
4. Our coast line. I love that this is the view from our home. That, now with three children over three, we can walk to the sea in five minutes. That no matter, what we can loose cabin fever and feel freedom.
5. Number 5 was going to be reading. I searched for a photo of books and found this. My husband's Christmas gifts. So, it probably better summarises 'me time'. It is reading, with a nice woolly jumper, and chocolate!

So, if you like lists, or pondering, or your simple pleasure is five minutes on your blog, check out Kate Takes 5 for lots of inspiration.


  1. Some wonderful simple pleasures, I love baking too and I have to admit to doing more of it recently

  2. I love coastal or beach walks, they're so relaxing x

  3. I'm quite envious of your view of the sea from hour house and the five minute walk. It looks idyllic.

  4. What an amazing place to live! That is my dream -- more than a simple pleasure I think :) Love the others too x

  5. What a lovely list. May I join your family please?

  6. Lovely list, I also love to bake & live by the sea!!


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